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CTF Flag Carrier Hiding Places - ScornForge

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1 CTF Flag Carrier Hiding Places - ScornForge on Mon May 24, 2010 10:30 am


To continue the series... I am going to show the best hiding and perch spots for FC's on more maps, but only some of the maps have these:-

Inner Sanctums
Base Seige

I may do some of the others, but they only have perch spots (as does Base Seige, but on there they are quite good). Unless someone knows otherwise?

Today I am going to do ScornForge, this (and the other maps) will be short articles as I have only found a few hiding/perch spots on these maps, unlike Inner Sanctums, which does have lots!

Hideaway 1 - This is on the top of an arch near the Doubler, best one is the arch above the Rail & Chain Gun ammo. To get there you need Scout and a mine RJ. This is on the first part of the video. Note the angle against the wall for jumping and go forward to get in the gap, quickly stop and you will have to use walk and tap left/right or forward/backward several times to come to a complete stop (it helps using the speedometer). This takes a little practice, but is quit easy once you get the angle right on the jump. It gives a great view and quick access back to the base flag.

Hideaway 2
- This is on the back lamp, just above the water entrance to the base. It is a simple RJ and provides a very good concealment because of the flag in front.

Hideaway 3 - This is a perch spot on the lamps ledges below the base flag. It takes a simple rocket jump. This only give partial concealment and you have to be careful from attacks from above. I have not shown this on the video, but it is very easy to work out Smile

I have also shown the views from below of 1 & 2 on the video (sorry about the quality of action).

If you find any more on this map, please let me know.

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nice! i didnt know the first one Smile

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damn I rocket jumped my fingers bloody and don't get up there. Of course the mine-trick! Thank You.

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DR_kolossos wrote:I rocket jumped my fingers bloody
lol! i might well make this quote in my sig. Epic!

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well a certain admin has disabled sigs D:

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...that's a bit sad Sad

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