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CTF Flag Carrier Hiding Places - Rebound

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1 CTF Flag Carrier Hiding Places - Rebound on Mon May 24, 2010 10:49 am


On rebound, I have only found one really useful hiding spot. There are several perch spots, but I have not bothered to show these in the video.

Hideaway 1 - This is on a ledge just above the Yellow Armour. You need to RJ right on the hashed edge of the ledge, else it will fail. If you don't make the ledge, you can save yourself from falling by a RJ off the wall.

Perch Spot 1 - This is on the lamps just above the Guard & Armour Regen, you can drop off the top or RJ to them. Be careful, as when spotted you can easily be shot off the edge.

Perch Spot 2 - This is on one of the inset lamps on the high pillars (not one of the four central pillars, though). This is just opposite the end/corner of the U shaped bit on the high ledge round the middle section. You can RJ from here to the square inset lamps.

If you find any more on this map, please let me know.

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