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Installing & Using Mumble VoIP

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1 Installing & Using Mumble VoIP on Fri Jul 30, 2010 10:18 am


Download Mumble from here:-


Just follow the default for the install... although you only need the Mumble (client) selected, not the old version or anything extra.

Follow the sound setup picking the defaults where it allows.

Once installed and setup, add this private server:-

On the Mumble Server Connect Box, click the Add New button:-


Server Name: Whatever you want to call the server
Address: server address given, i.e.
Port: port given, i.e. 61001
User Name: Ratware*

* Your Quake Live name

When you connect you may see a list of rooms to use for general chat, teams etc., if they have been setup.

If you need any assistance on Mumble, please ask me when I am online.

TIP: To adjust or play about with Mumble whilst in a game, press escape and then click PLAY IN BROWSER, top right of the screen, you will now be able to access other windows apps etc... Reverse the process to get back to Full Screen!

EDIT: For slightly better Microsoft Voices for text to speech, go to:-


And download/install SpeechSDK51.exe


Where are the settings?

Go Configure menu and select settings or click the last icon button on the toolbar.

Text to Speech (TTS) volume too high and annoying?

Go Configuration, select Messages in the left hand box, then adjust the volume control at the bottom, then click Apply button.

I need to have Push To Talk (PTT) button setup?

Go Configuration, select Shortcuts in the left hand box, click Add button at the bottom, a new Function will appear in the box above call unassigned, click Unassigned and from the drop down box select Push-To-Talk , click in the blank space along from what you created and under Shortcut , it shopuld now say Press Shortcut, then press the key you wish to use for Push To Talk, click Apply button.

Other players say my volume is too loud or not loud enough?

You could try running the Audio Wiard againand follow the instructions to the letter Very Happy

Or adjust the Mic volume from Windows, via Control Panel, Sound & Audio Devices.

Or, go Configuration, select Audio Input from left hand box, adjust Amplification slider, click Apply button.

Other players say my sound is distorted?

As above (last bit) and adjust the Noise Suppresion slider.

My Mumble volume is OK, but in Quake the sounds are to loud to hear what someone is saying?

Go Configuration, select Audio Output from left hand box, adjust Attenuate applications by... slider - the higher the value, the lower the Quake Live volume will be reduced, click Apply button.

For further tips, see:-


http://www.docstoc.com/docs/3454513/Idiots-Guide-to-Mumble - note this one is an older version of Mumble, but the principles are the same.

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