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A keyboard utility for QL

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1 A keyboard utility for QL on Wed Aug 04, 2010 6:26 am

Hi all just a useful util from gOvnOr via ql forums. I have tried it and can confirm it works:

- disable some key combinations which can be harmful during a match: Alt TAB and/or Alt ESC
- prevent toggle effect of CapsLock and/or NumLock. As on option, rebind these keys to other QL keys
- prevent the system-wise effect of the Left WinLogo key. As on option, rebind this key to another QL key
- rebind the OEM key to another QL key. On so-called "102 keys" or "105 keys" keyboards, the OEM key is located between the Left Shift key and the Z key

Some other programs exist to do these things, however this one has a few advantages:
- designed specifically for Quake Live
- no need for administrative rights
- doesn't affect the Windows registry
- doesn't affect your QL files
- small memory footprint
- free

and a few drawbacks:
- only for the Windows platform. And only for 32bits variants, so far
- no fancy Install/Remove capabilities
- unfinished

Here is the download link

Here is the forum post

Hope some of you may find useful and remember if you use it consider contributing feedback to the author.

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2 Re: A keyboard utility for QL on Thu Aug 05, 2010 10:23 am


Looks useful Very Happy Luckily I only have issue with the Caps Lock - but that is because I have it binded to GL!

For me, I had most problems with the Mouse buttons doing annoying things like the fwd & back on mouse buttons 4 & 5, this causing disconnect dialogs to appear and such like...

So I use a similar type application for the mouse:-


It also allows you to setup macros to mouse buttons, etc. One thing I thought of trying is binding wheel up & down to lists of weapons, i.e. down would be for best available close quarters weapon (non splash damage), with a set priority:-

Lightning Gun
Machine Gun

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3 Re: A keyboard utility for QL on Thu Aug 05, 2010 11:21 am

yeah with regards to binding to the mwheel i find a vstr works great Smile

Nice find smokie Smile

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