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Freeze Tag Basics

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1 Freeze Tag Basics on Wed Aug 11, 2010 9:06 am

After the adition to Quake Live of an old mod for Q3 we now have a new gametype for premeum subscribers only. After playing a few games (i know its early days yet!) it is obvious that some people really dont get how to play it. so i thought i would try help with what i have learned so far.

Freeze Tag (FT): Shoot everyone on the other team! Fragging another player freezes them. Freeze all enemy team members to score a team point. Stand by frozen teammates for 3 seconds to thaw them

Thats the standard definition for the game but tactics do play an important factor in winning this game(just like others!)

  • Lava and other damaging substances:
    Do not shoot your enemy into lava as it instantly "defrosts" them, the same goes for your team so it is sometimes easier and quicker to shoot your teammate into lava to defrost them.

  • Bunching up of frozen opponents:
    Althought it is fun to shoot your frozen enemy around the map and put them all in 1 place this fun tactic realy makes it too easy for the enemy to defrost all bunched players in 1 defrost action. so keep enough distance between frozen players to make it awkward for them to be defrosted. (this tactic can help your team if you can bunch the players you need to defrost together then 1 defrost action saves the day!)

  • Hostages/Bait:
    mostly in larger maps it can be a good idea to put your frozen opponent in a position that uses them as "bait". i.e. if the map has a visible center with high vantage points then it is usefull to put your enemy into a position that forces them to come to you while you can be happily up high with a RL or your prefered weapon ready to frag them while they try rescuing them.

  • Save yor Self!:
    The game isnt about unfreezing your team so if its not safe, get enough power ups before you attemt to rescue your buddie. i have seen a few games where players are spending to much time rescuing teammates when they could just go and frag that last enemy! the more time spent usully means the enemy also has a better chance to thaw out ther teammates. I would prefer the round won instead of being rescued.

  • Bounce Pads:
    Ok here is my fun tactic, I find pushing your enemy onto a bouncepad results in a enemy that is harrder to Defrost. It also annoys your opponent endlessly.

Thats all i can think of for now but i think they are the main points to winning. Oh yeah - this is a team game so play like a team, keeping close realy helps sometimes!.

Any other tips/comments please add here....

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2 Re: Freeze Tag Basics on Wed Aug 11, 2010 10:17 am


Good one, I might move this to the public forums for a wider audience to read.

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3 Re: Freeze Tag Basics on Wed Aug 11, 2010 10:19 am


Nah, I have move it from the public forum and left it as a shadow there.

Very Happy

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