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Creating Videos from your Demos

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1 Creating Videos from your Demos on Wed Mar 24, 2010 4:01 am


The best software for this is FRAPS:-


It is not free, but the trial allows 30 seconds of video, which is enough for showing frags or techniques etc.

Here are a couple of guides:-



Use high rez and it's own CODEC, when you have a video, the size is huge! So you need to convert it with something like VirtualDub to a DivX or XviD video.

Get VirtualDub from www.virtualdub.org also you need to install DivX or XviD CODEC.

Then load the huge fraps clip into VD, choose Options -> Compression and select DivX codec or whatever codec you want. After that, go File -> Save as avi and VD will compress the file into a small .avi with DivX Codec.

If you need any advice, ask and I will try to help...

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