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RAZ3R's Training Map

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1 RAZ3R's Training Map on Thu Apr 01, 2010 8:06 am


RAZ3R's Training Map is a great way to improve strafe jumping, Circle Jumps and other movement..

To get the map, go here (please ensure you get the beta3, NOT the beta2!:-


You need to save the file in the below folder & unzip it.

%AppData%\id Software\quakelive\baseq3

I will add some demos or vids to this post, showing how to complete the Movement Training (Beginner) & the Strafe Pads. So keep on eye here! What a Face

First Addition: The Movement Training (Beginner)

Note: You need the RAZ3R map installed and working to be able to view all demos here.

Here is a Demo of how it is done - note the last jump I cheated a bit using a grenade jump Smile :-

mediafire.com ?0xn3wwzoqmt

Strafe Jumping

Excuse my bad strafing techniques...

Here is some of the training I do:-

Basic Double Beat - mediafire.com ?kwgmjzty3na

Backwards - mediafire.com ?zkivuarntw2

Backwards (Forward start) - mediafire.com ?050jl5jznwm

Basic Strafe Pads - mediafire.com ?zw2jngmqt0m

ADDITIONAL: As the original post is now gone, here is the map: mediafire.com ?jajxljpzjd9

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