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Beginners guide to strafe jumping

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1 Beginners guide to strafe jumping on Tue Apr 27, 2010 12:32 pm


There is lots of info on how to improve your strafes but very little out there on how to get started. Its the hardest step so it really should be covered

First of all you need to be on a map with plenty of room for strafes i suggest using the raztrainql_beta3 but if you havent got that yet i would suggest courtyard conundrum.

open your console and type

cg_speedometer 2

this will show your speed below your crosshairs and a graph of your speed over the last couple of seconds.

Now your all set to start learning Very Happy

Before even trying to strafe you need to get your "bunny hop" reliably good on a flat surface. This is one of the key things people do wrong and if you arnt doing it right then no amount of waving your mouse about will do anything other than wind you up Razz

what is bunny hopping you ask. well its a way of jumping that allows you to retain your speed. The idea is you spend as little time on the ground as possible, so little in fact its basically none. You need to press/click jump a fraction before you land to make this happen (a point i wish i had found out earlier"
so onto how to practice.
walk forward your speed will increase to 320 and hold there, while still walking forward hold a strafe key (left or right) and gently turn the mouse 45 degrees in that direction you should see the speed momentarily go over 320. not by much but a little and thats all we need right now.
Start walking forward and start bunny hopping. as you are going turn the mouse a bit while doing this and you will see the speed start going over 320 probly only a little but if your bunny hopping correctly it will stay at that speed if you are humping to late or to early it will decrease again.

do this till you can bunny hop pretty good

now try a proper strafe jump with strafe keys and everything Smile

do the same ase before only hold a strafe key as well as forward before you jump and keep pressing both forward and this strafe key. when you jump, smoothly move your mouse about 45 degrees in the direction of the strafe you have held and just keep everything as it is and bunny hop away (yes more bunny hopping) you should be traveling at between 400 and 450 and that speed should be staying the same if you arnt crashing into somthing or making mistakes with your bunny hops.

While you are doing this try switching the strafe keys you are pressing and moving the mouse in that direction too. Its really no good me describing exactly when and what speed and what angle as all these things are very subtle and pretty much have to be learned by watching and practice so just keep trying.

soon you will be able to tripple or double beat (where you change strafe every 3rd or 2nd jump) each time increasing in speed

I suggest concentrating on double beat first. this is where you change strafe direction every two jumps instead of one. its alot less "frantic" in terms of key presses
but hardly any slower at beginner level.

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2 Nice on Tue Apr 27, 2010 3:29 pm

How do you take the speed thing off?

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3 Re: Beginners guide to strafe jumping on Tue Apr 27, 2010 5:34 pm


/cg_speedometer 0

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4 Re: Beginners guide to strafe jumping on Wed Apr 28, 2010 8:15 am


rather than turning it off tho i would put it to

cg_speedometer 1 which is a small box like the lagometer


cg_speedometer 3 which is just the number below your crosshairs and no graph

so have you tried this guide out indi? how did you get on was it useful i would love some feedback/backpatting/trolling for it Smile

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